2013 Harvest 5K Run

9AM, September 28, 2013 - Stanwood, WA

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Got Team Spirit?

Get your friends and family out there with you!

The more the merrier is so true at fun runs! Maybe that's why we call them fun runs, eh? We love to see teams of runners and walkers supporting each other and having fun! So, start a team or join an existing one and get your pals out there!

Feel free to get creative with your team! Wear the same color, sports team shirts, show up in costume (superheros, maybe?), dress up as farm animals (okay, that would be really weird - maybe just wear bunny ears), wear your company or organization shirts, or whatever your team can come up with!

We’re working hard to come up with some nifty prizes for teams! We’ll have some friendly competitions for most spirited team, most money raised for the water well, biggest team…you get the idea.

Team Discounts!

Need a little extra incentive to form a team?

Teams of 5 or more Runners and/or Walkers get a $5.00 Discount per Person!

Teams must register online as a group by September 15.

Important Note:
In order to get the $5 discount, you'll need to register at least 5 people all at one time. Once you register your team of 5 or more people, contact us and we'll provide you with a team coupon code that's specific to your team. You can provide your team coupon code to others who want to join your team and they'll get $5 off their registration fee.

To register, click here and select "Team of 5" under "Group Pricing."